Sunday, September 5, 2010

Road Trip 2010

Auntie M, Ellie dog, and I went on 'Road Trip 2010' to Phoenix. In two days, we drove through five states, saw some fantastic countryside, and had lots of laughs. After 19 hours in the car, we sisters are still talking to each other, so I'd say the trip was a success!

Favorite quotes from my crazy passenger...

Travel plazas are cool...they have some good shopping!
I like truckers. Interesting people.
Does your car have a name. I need to tell her to hurry up!

That girl cracks me up.

A few highlights of our trip....

5 fast food restaurants. 3 boxes of candy. 1 box of spicy cheez-its.

And 8 lbs heavier.

Goodbye Kansas

Hello Oklahoma

and Texas.

New Mexico might be the most gorgeous state I've seen.

We made it to Albequerque the first day. 734.50 miles (plus 30 miles or so bc I forgot to start counting until we were into our trip).

Day two - more New Mexico. Beautiful!

and finally Arizona!

Our very first Phoenix sign. We're almost there! We were more than excited.

1154 miles.

99 degrees.

Ryan said a cold front came through the night before.

Thanks Auntie M for being my wingman. I've got myself a pretty good little sister!

*Disclaimer. All pictures taken from the passenger seat. While driving quite a bit over the speed limit. So please excuse the quality as well as dead bugs on the windshield.

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