Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Digs

We've been getting settled into our new digs - temporary housing in the form of a two bedroom, two bath apartment right off ASU's campus. With a sweet swimming pool. We gals are two happy peas in a pod!

Living room, dining room, and kitchen (that's the front door behind Ellie dog).

One of the two bedrooms

Lily enjoys her view of Sun Devil stadium and is excited to watch the college students tailgating before Saturday football games.

Each night after Dad's gotten home from work, we've hit up the swimming pool - it keeps our little girl awake while she adjusts to the time zone. She loves it!

We are slowing unpacking our suitcases and getting used to our temporary home while we shop for a more permanent residence. Until then, we plan on enjoying the 'college atmosphere' (we've had a good giggle when going to bed and hearing the students heading out for an evening on the town...we're officially old!)

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