Thursday, September 16, 2010


Lily and I have spent the last few weeks exploring the city....and enjoying any 'free' activity I can come up with. I keep joking with Ryan that I better find a job just to support my shopping habit....apparently when I run out of things to do, I head straight for the closest Target or clothing store!

Last week, we found a splash park at an outdoor mall, and had a blast playing in the water. Lucky for me, I always keep an extra change of clothes in the car...

Any great suggestions for inexpensive activities for a 15 month old?!?!?!? If we don't stay busy, Lily and I are going to be the best dressed mother/daughter duo in the state of Arizona!

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Kara said...

Ok, here are some things we do. Since we don't have malls as an option we do:
Library story times. Usually libraries have story times for kids and parents to come enjoy books being read. We love doing this!
Church MOPS groups. I'd look into getting involved in a church and check out their MOPS group if they have one.
That's all I can think of now.
Those fountains are so much fun and you'll be able to be in those for the next several months while we are in fall & winter!