Friday, August 19, 2011

1st Day of School

Lily had her first day of preschool on Monday.
I can't believe how big she looks.

Grandma sent her 1st day of school outfit.

Unfortunately we didn't get to take our Dora backpack that Grandma also sent.
The school provides a canvas bag so every student has the exact same thing.

Ryan had a good laugh at me trying to creatively decorate it.
I ended up ironing on her name, a butterfly, and a bird...that is the extent of my creative abilities.

As this was exactly how she acted when we walked into her classroom.
Look at all these toys!


Kara said...

oh wow Lily. Such a big girl. How often will she go Lindsay? THat's funny about the canvas bag!

Lindsay said...

MWF, just for three hours. Nice break for both of us! :)

The Frazee's said...

when did she grow up so much? thats what i wanna know....