Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A response

I am overwhelmed. By the amount of emails, voicemails, facebooks, and texts I've received over the past week after writing this post. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and families.

From the friend who talked about her own miscarriage and how she not only felt heartbroken due to her loss but also guilty for feeling sad even though her 2 year old daughter is absolutely amazing. (When she sent me that email, I read it in tears thinking "yes, that's it, that's the part I haven't been able to verbalize. I also feel so flipping guilty for being sad. Lily rocks, yet I want, I really really want, more.)

Or the friend who had a miscarriage and was devastated but also realized if it wouldn't have happened, she wouldn't have her son whom she loves more than anything (actually two friends, very similar stories).

Or a new friend who talked about her own trouble with infertility who said she not only felt like a failure but that no one was willing to talk to her about it. She now has five children. :) (Thank you, thank you, thank you...I think you should start your own blog. Seriously, your thoughts really touched me and hit home.)

This same new friend talked about enjoying the time you have with just one child, as it will never be the same. (I especially took this to heart, enjoying my alone time with Lily, as I tend to forget how special it really is).

Or my oldest friend whose job it is to fight cancer, talking about how hard the loss of control over our bodies is for us women (talk about putting your life in perspective!).

Or the friend who decided to wait to have a baby, spent so much time and energy fielding questions as to why they weren't ready to start their family, only to find out it actually took longer than anticipated (foot in mouth...shove).

I have probably twenty more stories to tell, but let me stop and just say...THANK YOU.

Thank you for supporting. Thank you for loving. Thank you for just being there. And most of all thank you for sharing. I love you all and wouldn't be the person I am today without you.

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