Thursday, August 11, 2011


Someone woke up early from her nap.
And someone else was too lazy to leave the house for a fun activity.
So outside to the water table we went.

Mommy, it's too bright. I need glasses!

I struggle with mid to late afternoon activities.
We almost always have a big activity or a bunch of errands in the mornings.
But after nap time is my tired time of day, and I often don't have the energy to head out the door again.

And bubbles. I need lots and lots of bubbles.

Lily has this figured out and will wake up from her nap begging to watch TV.
While she does get a fair amount of screen time during breakfast or while I'm cooking dinner, I try to make a rule of no TV during the day.
So it's a daily struggle for me. Leave the house, come up with an at-home activity, or resort to Dora the Explorer.

Lily, no drinking the bubbles!

Hour and a half later, our girl was exhausted and ready for a bath.
And Daddy was on his way home.
Afternoon = success!

How do you get through the late afternoons?

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Kara said...

Oh Lindsay, I hear ya. 3-5 is a long stretch. Usually on the nice days we do head to the park. The kids love the park and I love to see other moms up there and just get out and about. It's good for everyone. In your AZ heat maybe you could do playdoh. Have you done youtube videos. THere are some cute songs etc that the kids like. Hmmm, wish you could pop over and come play on those days...