Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beach

Labor Day weekend, we took a family vacation to San Diego.  
Six hours from home, it was an easy destination for a long weekend. 
Our first major stop...the beach!

Though we were only five minutes from our hotel, our girl crashed on the drive over to Coronado.

But when she woke up, she was thrilled to see the ocean!

We've been reading "Wave" and Lily loved seeing the real thing.
We also saw a group of dolphins right past the break!

One little fin, but there were six to eight dolphins.

It was a little cloudy, windy, and cold at first.

So we decided to rent a bike and explore the area, while waiting for the sun to shine.

Ryan and I had fun searching for our dream home (once we win the lottery)!

After our ride, the sun was shining and it was time to hit the water.

Building a "city" with Daddy.

Family vacation was off to a great start!  

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katieharris said...

How fun! I love San Diego, you're lucky it's so close to you.