Thursday, September 8, 2011

What was your good day?

Ryan typically does Lily's bedtime routine, and they have the sweetest conversations after turning out the lights.  He starts out by asking if she had a good day.  To which she always replies 'yes Daddy'.  They then spend a few minutes talking about her favorites activities from her day.
Apparently these conversation have made quite the impression on our girl. 

When she wants to have an intimate one-on-one conversation, she will ask "what was your good day?"  
And wants you to respond with a favorite thing from your day.
She often asks this question at the dinner table.

We then take turns answering, starting out with "my good day was...."  

I love hearing her answers.  

Most of the time, she tells us her good day was coming home.  

Sometimes she'll ask me what Daddy's good day was, if he isn't home yet.
I ask her what she thinks and she'll say "Daddy's good day is coming home to see me."

These sweet conversations have quickly become my "good day".
Love our girl so much!


katieharris said...

Aww, what a sweetie pie. You guys are all so cute. Miss ya bunches. Ellie says hi :)

MJS said...

my "good day" is coming to see you in just 3 short days.....can't wait. What shall we do?