Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A visitor

Guess who came to visit us last week?


Lily had the best time.
Especially when Nanny whipped out some new dress up clothes from her suitcase.
Nanny has a bad habit of spoiling our girl.
At one point, Lily turned to Nanny and said "I need a toy now please."
Smart kid.

We gals had a fun, busy week.
Our first stop was the zoo.
Because it was a cool 95 degrees...feels like fall! :) 

While visiting the elephants, the zoo keeper stopped by.
She let Lily throw a few treats to her favorite animal. 

We also spent one morning at Imagination Avenue.
Lily first played nurse and then fireman.
(Side note: At one point on our San Diego trip, Lily got very tired of being in the car and started begging to take her seat belt off.  Since she doesn't know what a policeman is, we told her the fireman would come and we'll get in big trouble if we took off our belts.  That scared her, and since then, will often say, "I leave my belt on, or the fireman will get me." Good parenting, I know...)

Nanny and Lily spent some time in jail... 

...played trains and dress up... 

...but the favorite was making a building to hide in. 
She is a bit obsessed with hiding right now. 

Such a fun week that went by way too fast.
Thanks Nanny for coming to visit!
(And thanks for babysitting so Mom and Dad could have a date night...
even though we were home by 9pm...lame).

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katieharris said...

Fun times with Nanny! And 9:00?? Wow. When my in-laws were here, todd & I went out and were home by 10:00...and I thought that was early!