Monday, July 23, 2012

38 weeks

A few thoughts:
~3 cm dilated and 80-90% effaced.  My doctor doubts I will make it to my due date and I have instructions to head for the hospital quickly once labor starts.  She thinks it will be a fast delivery (please let her be right!!!).
~The bags are mostly packed, including Nanny's, who is on call to head to the airport at a moment's notice.
~This mama is feeling good...I had a haircut plus a mani/pedi last week, so I am pampered and ready!
~The waiting game is really hard for me.  I'm a bit Type A personality and feel the need to control all aspects of life.  So to not know exactly when I will be heading to the hospital or where Lily will be until Nanny gets to her is killing me.  I'm trying to let it go and just enjoy these last few days...  


MJS said...

Lily is such a big girl and you have so many wonderful friends. She will be A-OKay until Nanny makes it. Keep talking and explaining the plan to her....then she will walk you through it when the time comes. I am so excited to meet George and know that Lily is going to make a great big sister.

Rachel said...

I can't believe that George is almost here! Hang in there pretty lady! So excited for you!

katieharris said...

You two ladies look lovely. Cherish your last days of outnumbering the men in the house. (well, I guess with Ellie you'll still outnumber them.) Anyways, we are super excited to hear oh George's arrival. I still like Jorge for a name. Perfect for your red-haired guy :-P