Sunday, July 29, 2012

How many more minutes??

I am beginning to ask the same question as Lily - "how many more minutes until baby George comes out??"

We are all so excited to meet baby boy and the anticipation is frustrating the whole family.  Ryan is having trouble concentrating at work. Lily wants to know when he will arrive and when Mommy can play on the floor with her again.  For me, every single kick or contraction leads to me obsessing about whether today is the day.

On Thursday, we were completely convinced I was in early stages of labor.  It was textbook - contractions starting in my lower back, moving to the lower abdomen, every 15 minutes, lasting 30-90 seconds long for around four hours.  Then I laid down for a short nap, and it stopped completely.  Nothing like calling your husband at work, only to sheepishly tell him it was nothing by the time he got home.  

Think George is a jokester and likes to mess with his mama, just like his father!?!?!  

Any bets on when he will finally arrive?  Grandma O has claimed the full moon this week, and we are hoping she is right!!

Because everyone reading this actually just wants to see pics of Lily and not ramblings from her mother, here are a few cell phone photos...

we love going to movies on hot summer days!

pizza dough while waiting for dinner

chocolate donut after church...what else does a girl need!

super girl!

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