Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthday week

My baby turned two last weekend, and we celebrated him all week long!

First up, the Kansas City Royals were in town.  Though we've been in Arizona for almost four years, we are loyal to our midwest teams, and couldn't wait for William to experience his first game.  Ryan ordered the whole family t-shirts, and off we went for an evening of baseball, beer and hotdogs, and lots of memories.  We made it to the 7th inning (on a school night!) and both kids had a blast!

Over the weekend, we headed north and into cooler temperatures.  Our neighbor's family has a cabin outside Flagstaff and invited us to join them for a couple days.  We had an absolute blast!  Most of our time was spent playing outdoors and enjoying a 70 degree day. The big kids (including Lily!) went on a 15 mile four wheel ride through the national forest, while William stayed back with me and explored the neighborhood.  Ryan and I were a bit nervous Lily would get bored on such a long ride, but she was all smiles and can't wait to do it again.  A 3 mile hike later that afternoon wrapped up our outdoorsy day.

We really do have the best neighbors, who have become like family to us.  While eating at the country club, they ordered William a 'pizza cookie' for his birthday and were just as excited to celebrate him as we were.  He wasn't so sure about the candle, nor all the singing…a little bit shy and embarrassed about all the attention.  Sweet boy!

After dinner, the kids explored the golf course, hunted for worms, wrestled in the soft grass, and just enjoyed a cool summer evening.  The adults were content to sit on the patio and enjoy some uninterrupted conversation.  :)

More birthday fun coming up….

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