Monday, August 11, 2014

Wrap it up...

{A few more pics to wrap up our two weeks in Kansas!}

My oldest friend Bryn (seriously...she came to visit me in the hospital when I was born!) drove over for a playdate and lunch.  I had never met her sweet Abram and was dying to get my hands on this adorable red head.  William was in rare form, not sharing and screaming whenever Abram came near his toys.  But Lily absolutely loved her new friend and spent most of her time 'mothering' him.  

(This photo cracks me up.  I asked Lily to smile for the picture and instead, this is what she does.  Perfect example of that girl's personality.  Ornery!)    

One evening after William was in bed, and Lily was upstairs supposedly watching a show, we heard a bit of noise in the bathroom but didn't think too much about it.  Until Lily popped over the balcony and yelled "Mom, I cut my hair!"  I looked at Nanny, asked if she heard the same thing, and took off upstairs.  Apparently Lily found a small pair of scissors in a bathroom drawer and did what any curious 5 year old would do.  Luckily it was a tiny piece of her bangs…though she was concerned she wouldn't look pretty anymore and Daddy would be upset with her.  I'm hopeful the lesson was learned and we won't be revisiting this childhood right of passage…until it's William's turn.

Blackberry picking on a hot summer morning.  With rows and rows to choose from, Lily came home with three baskets full.  Nanny then made a blackberry cobbler for all of us to enjoy!

And finally, REUNITED! After two weeks away from this guy, we were all thrilled to be together again.  

 Such a fun, and apparently exhausting, trip!

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