Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Welcome to Kindergarten, Lily LaVaun!!!

A few tears from Lily, but after four days she is loving her teacher as well as friends, old and new.  No tears from her mama, though I will admit that it was harder than I imagined leaving her at a new (huge!) school, especially seeing how nervous she was.    Looking forward to a fun year with my elementary school girl!!


katieharris said...

Cute pics! She's a social butterfly, so I'm sure she's loving big girl school. And yaay for a bit more freedom for you too, right?

MJS said...

Kids have a way to make parents ready for their next step or departure. You might meet that step with tears or a smile but never-the-less they are stepping away from you and facing the world. Hip-hip hooray for you, sweet Lily!