Friday, February 27, 2009

A few 26 week observations

**I think I spend half my day, and a good portion of the night, in the bathroom. Now I have always been known to have a small bladder, and do drink a significant amount of liquids during the day from tea, to diet pepsi (loving my caffeine free stuff, I swear it tastes like the real thing!), and lots of water. But lately, my ladies room trips have taken a major upswing! Maybe I should move my desk and laptop in there?

**The secretaries at work and I are new best friends. I can't tell you how many of these women stop me in the halls or more often the ladies room (since I practically live in there) to discuss how I am feeling, am I eating enough, how to avoid getting sick, what my husband thinks about having a girl, and of the course the commentary on how I look. Some love to tell me how big I am getting and others tell me I am so tiny and they can't believe I am so far along (I like these women better, of course!). It's been entertaining to see who has suddenly taken an interest in my life.

**I have been a notoriously horrible, light sleeper since childhood. Didn't sleep through the night as a baby, refused to take naps once I hit kindergarten, insisted on staying up to my older brother's bedtime as little girl, and required that every single person in the house turn off all lights, TV's, radios, etc in high school. Ryan tells me I have not changed one bit as an adult and still insist on having everything perfect in order to sleep. And while I don't require much shut-eye, I attempt to get seven hours each night and if that means Ryan needs to shut the TV and the lights off, then so be it! Well, lately sleep has been hard to come by - for both of us. Me, because I CAN NOT get comfortable (oh how I miss sleeping on my back), and Ryan because I toss and turn enough to wake him up (and the guy could sleep through a train going through his bedroom, I swear). Guess this is preparing us both for those sleepless nights ahead!?!?!?! And regarding not sleeping as a baby - I fear payback is on the way!

**My favorite thing about pregnancy so far is feeling the little lady move. And just this week, I can physically see her moving – as in, my stomach is bouncing up and down when she really gets going. Poor daddy though, every time Ryan comes near me or puts his hands on my stomach, she immediately holds still. I tell him he calms her down, so maybe this ability to relax her will continue after birth? One can only hope….

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Annie said...

Haaa Sutton use to do the same thing to poor Brian- he would hold still the minute he tried to feel! I guess that is the bonus we get huh! So how are all the PwC ladies, I bet Marty is all over you!!! hahah, I can just picture you chatting with them during their lunch time poker games!!!