Sunday, February 15, 2009

Projects Update

Over the past few weeks, the Osterhaus household has been busy completing a few of the major projects - we have new upstairs windows, new gutters, no more mold in the basement, and have just started painting the nursery.

Here is a "before" pic of the soon-to-be nursery. Some ingenious person (me!) has loved the idea of a black room since I was in high school and was told I could decorate my new room any way I wanted....but when black was my choice, I was immediately shot down, and decided on 'blood red' instead. Thanks Mom! When Ryan and I bought our house, I again thought of my black room and decided our small office would be perfect. My oldest friend Bryn and I spent a couple evenings going through the painful task of painting this room - and I have been so proud of our feat since then. So I'm a bit sad to see my black room go....
However, last week, Ryan and I once again began the painful task of walls to a light pastel. Here are a few pics of the first round of primer.

Round one down, and as you can see, at least two more primer coats to go before actually "painting" the nursery. Ugh, whose idea was a black room again?!?!?!?!


MJS said...

Ellie looks to be having too good of a time around paint. Lindsay, whose sweat pants do you have on? Pictures of the tummy, please!

Lindsay said...

What are you saying? I don't look hot in my sweats? :) Ryan has given me an old pair of his, and I need the breathing room!

Elhers insisted on helping us paint....until she ended up with a white tail and white polka dot ears...then she was kicked out. Bad puppy.

Bryn said...

Oh, the black room... it did seem like a good idea at the time!