Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oh how cute! I came home Thursday night (or more precisely Friday morning) after a long 16 hour day at work to find a present for the little lady. Ok, gotta be honest - I saw a box with the address written in Uncle Tom's writing and thought to myself "sweet, new running gear!" (Ya, I'm spoiled). But when I opened the box, I found the cutest little sneakers and stocking cap....and it made my day!!! Thanks Tom, she will definitely be running 'Brew to Brew' with us someday! Not so sure about this new Oprah nickname though....we need to discuss as your nicknames tend to stick around. :)

Ryan also received a Valentine's day gift from his little lady and has decided she will be wearing her onesie every time he is in charge of dressing her.


Annie said...

oh so cute!!! Sutton and Baby Girl O can go running in their little nikes together!!!

Bryn said...

LOVE the shoes!!!