Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are we ready?

Today Little Lady is officially full term – we are 37 weeks! As we are quickly coming upon the due date, I have the realization that we could be meeting our little girl any day now.  With this realization, I have many mixed emotions.  I am of course nervous and anxious to be a first time mom. I am a bit stressed at all the little things I still want to get done before her arrival.  I’m ready to get my ‘normal’ body back, and stop feeling the painful ‘pressure’ from the her little head being down. 

And I wonder about all that will be changing upon her arrival.  We went to a movie last night, and I kept thinking, is this the last movie we will see before we are parents? (as a side note, I highly recommend AMC’s Main Street Theatre…it’s fantastic!).  Or during a run or swim, I think, is this my last for a few weeks or months?  Will tonight be the very last night that it’s just Ryan and I, all by ourselves?  Are we ready for all these changes?

But even more, I think that I can not wait to meet our little girl, our new addition which will make our little family complete.  We often sit and talk about what she’ll look like, whose eyes or toes she’ll have, will she be tall, will she have Ryan’s outgoing personality, will she love to read like her Mom?  In just a few short days or weeks, we will begin to learn all the answers to our questions.  And I think we are as ready as we’ll ever be! 

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