Monday, May 25, 2009

Holy guacamole…could it be?!?

Relax, we aren’t talking go time…..yet. More on this blog title later. (Note to audience/Fans of my wife: not to disappoint, but this is not Lindsay…sadly, instead, you will be reading the thoughts of the hooligan that got her knocked up). For the past few months I have promised Lindsay that I would write a few words regarding my feelings to the upcoming birth. So with the due date less than a week away and with so many thoughts racing through my mind, I thought now would be a good time. So without further adu…

I would like to start out with a few words on Lindsay…Over the last few months, I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of her. She has shown an amazing amount of strength & optimism throughout this entire pregnancy, all the while putting up with my ADD/OCD type behavior and the peaks and valleys that go along with it :) Anyone who knows me will understand and agree with this. She has honestly been amazing and the motherly instincts that have come to light during these last 9 months have shown me how great a mother she truly will be.

Now on to some thoughts as the husband to a wife that is pregnant… A man truly has not lived life until experiencing the many facets of life with a pregnant woman. I’ve made a list to help me keep things in order, so here goes:

1. Maternity Classes: Did I really need to know this much about breast feeding??? I feel like I could teach the class now – remember ladies, c-cup the breast – and don’t be shy about it, our instructor definitely wasn’t. I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life…wow. Also, while breastfeeding, make sure to either hold the baby like a little a running back carrying a football – make sure to tuck ‘em in nice and tight or else you may drop them. I could go on, but I feel like the blog would get too graphic (nobody wants to read about areolas and milk ducts anyway – at least not from a guy’s point of view).

2. Sleep: Have you ever tried to sleep with a pregnant woman? I don’t think I’ve had a full nights sleep in 9 months – and I normally sleep like a rock. I know, I know, my wife has it much worse, but holy cow, when you only get one tiny section of the bed and you are constantly getting shoved and asked to move even further away, it can get a little tough. I’m sure it will all get better once the Little Lady actually arrives – I’ve always heard first-time parents sleep like a rock.

3. Nesting: Now I’ve heard the term nesting before, but I didn’t realize the guy had to be so involved. I mean should “nesting” really involve this many projects for one man? I feel like I took on a second job in 2009, except I haven’t been paid for any of it yet :) …there are only so many new traits a guy can learn before he starts to feel a little like Bob Vila, minus the TV show and beard. *Actually I haven’t minded any of this – to be honest it makes you feel a little more like a guy, plus it gives you something to talk about at weekend parties with friends.

4. The Experience: This has actually been a pretty cool experience the whole way through…the joy and happiness of your wife that you get to experience, the thrill of getting a chance to bring a whole new person into this world, the anxiety/nervousness of meeting this person for the first time (Actually, who am I kidding – I’m not sure if I’m really that nervous. This isn’t like a first date or something…I’m the only Dad she has – she’ll have to like me, right? I can, and probably will be, the biggest dork in the world, in Little Lady’s eyes, my wife’s eyes, and probably numerous other people’s eyes…but that’s the beauty of parenthood, right – no matter what, we’re in it together). I can’t wait to meet this Little Lady – I hope she feels the same way.

5. Just for men: And for my final point, I’ll go back to the title of the blog. This week has been a little stressful for me – knowing the baby could come at anytime, making sure I’m caught up at work so that I can take a little time off when the baby gets here, etc. – Well, earlier this week, I discovered my first grey hair. Are you kidding me? I’m 29 years old, how does this happen? At least now I can understand and appreciate the stress brought on by having a daughter :) At least it can only get better, right? It’s not like she’ll ever try to bring home some off-the-wall guy that I don’t approve of…(man, the things I’m going to learn that maternity class doesn’t prepare you for).

I know this is long, and I apologize for that (I had a lot on my mind). I would however like to take a second to comment on family & friends…thank you all so much for the support, prayers and overall love you have shown Lindsay and me. We have always felt lucky to be surrounded with all of you, but moments like these seem to make you realize how important your circle really is. We cannot wait for Little Lady O to meet you and experience the love, humor and friendship that we have been fortunate enough to experience in the time that we have known you. We truly feel blessed to be family/friends with all of you. In closing, Go Royals, Go Lynnie & Ehlers (did you really think I’d leave the dogs out of this?), and especially, Go Aynslee…this weekend was our favorite (and only) niece’s fourth birthday…Do me a favor Aynslee, celebrate this age the right way – go bar hopping for your Uncle Ryan. We love you and hope you had a great birthday party – sorry we couldn’t be there. Also, I almost forgot, to our dear friends Tyler and Lesley…Happy Anniversary – we hope to see you soon!


katieharris said...

Not that I don't love Lindsay's blogposts, but this was an A+ one. I made Todd read it too :)As we all know, you are quite the storyteller and comedian, but it's great to have you put those skills together to describe your heartfelt pre-baby experiences. Hope to read many more from you once lil' lady arrives. You know, while you're up all night having a dance party...

Paige said...

What a great blog Ryan! I read it to Nick and it definitely brought back memories. Can't wait to hear when the little lady arrives. We're thinking of you guys!!

Paige, Nick and Savannah!

Amber said...

Tim and I were cracking up while reading this post! We can definitely relate. We can't wait to see your first pictures and hear all the details (Ryan) of the birth. Not long now! Tim & Amber

Travis said...

Ryan, take it from someone who has been there. NO SLEEP until she sleeps all the way through the night. The first time she does it you will check on her every 10 minutes but the next night you will be sawing logs. You both are going to be great parents and will enjoy brining Addie up for some play dates.