Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Baby, No Baby….busy keeping busy

No sign of the Little Lady arriving, so I have been busy keeping myself entertained while on maternity leave.  In the past few days, here is a  portion of my completed to-do list…

* Fill front porch planters with flowers.


*Costco to buy batteries for numerous baby gadgets and toys

*Eye Dr for 1 day disposable contacts – to pack in hospital bag

* Reading this book. 


Written by Kate Darling, who is my good friend Jenny’s sister-in-law.  I met Jenny in grad school, we were bridesmaids in each other weddings, and she and her husband Eben still live in DC. 

I’ve greatly enjoyed the book, and have included a few links to reviews Kate has received. 

The Wall Street Journal

CBS News

It was also reviewed in the May issues of Glamour and Southern Living magazines if you have access to these.

* Big Lots to purchase bookcase for basement.  Put together bookcase while husband watches Royals in man-cave


* Taking time to relax (and maybe even nap!) each day – Elhers is demonstrating our relaxing skills. 


I still have a short to-do list before the baby arrives, so hopefully I have a few more days!

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