Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Baby, No Baby….Reflecting on 15 years

Today marks a special day in our relationship.  Exactly 15 years ago, May 20th 1994, Ryan and I began this crazy journey.  On that day, a 14 year old boy and girl started “going out.”  What a romantic start we had….Ryan was such a flirt and would hold my hand at school, and my best friends Rachel and Bryn informed me that this was very promiscuous behavior since we were not boyfriend/girlfriend (such great friends, and an amazingly simple life we had).  The next time Ryan tried holding my hand, I said “hey, I can’t let you do that since you aren’t my boyfriend” – to which he replied, “Ok, want to go out with me? “  Wow, he has such a way with words.  :) 

Who would have thought that sweet day would turn into this incredible journey.  We’ve experienced many ups and downs, a few breakups, a move across country and back again, tons of laughter, lots of  adventures, a few tears, one absolutely gorgeous wedding, and an amazing 3 and a half years of marriage thus far.  And now, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first child. 

While Ryan and I secretly thought today might be an ironic ‘birth day’ for our Little Lady, I think we can safely say she has other plans for her arrival, and will let May 20th remain special to just Ryan and I.

Happy, kinda sorta, anniversary Ryan!


katieharris said...

holy cow, that means i was...11 years old??!? i love how he manipulated you into going out with him, typical ryan, always a smooth talker.
congrats on your 15 years, wow!

Annie said...

ahhhh so cute! That would have been really neat for her to be born on that day but like her mom and dad she apparently is stubborn and independent!!! hahahah! HURRY UP!!