Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drama Queen

This past weekend was Lily’s baptism and she was in a ‘drama queen’ mode.  Wonder who she gets that from?!?!?!

She was an absolute jewel during Mass….


…until the moment the baptism (following Mass) started.  Then she FREAKED OUT and SCREAMED for a solid five minutes.


Aunt Soni, having four kids of her own, smartly made me a bottle and we shoved it into Lily’s mouth….peace was restored.


Lily with her godparents



Family photos


img_0492 img_0494

 img_0471 img_0472

Saturday night BBQ

What a fun weekend.  Thanks everyone for coming and sharing in her special day!

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The Frazee's said...

drama drama!! :) i love it!! whoever said boys dont have drama too are crazy.