Wednesday, September 9, 2009


On Sunday, I attended my very first Royals game.

My mom made me wear this goofy hat. Yes, I realized I look silly.

I had lots of fun cheering on the Royals and hanging out with Mom, Dad, Auntie M and Casey….. img_0447

img_0449 img_0446

…until I ate one too many hotdogs.

Lily 3 months1

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My Weight Loss Journey said...

Hi There, Lily's parents!

I stumbled across your blog by accident today. I just wanted to say you have a lovely baby girl. I have 2 babies, both teenagers now. There are times, like right now, that I can get misty eyed remembering my two babies. Gone are those days and they emerged into two God loving young people. I am proud of my son & daughter. Cherish all the days that your lil one is young, it goes soooo fast. It will be some of the most glorious days of your lives.

God bless your family,
Kathy N.