Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi Ho, it's back to work I go

I'm back to work and Monday was Lily's first day of daycare. 

[Sob, sob, snivel, ugly cry, sob.] 

I was nervous dropping her off, anxious that she would be unhappy or scared, or that she would think her mommy abandoned her.  Drop off was uneventful, though I must admit, it's a weird feeling - hello stranger, here is my kid, please be nice to her, don't hurt her, I'll be back later.  I know everyone goes through this and I'm perfectly comfortable with our day care choice, but it's still a bit traumatic.


I of course called during the day to check in and quiz poor daycare provider, Lucy, about how Lily was eating, sleeping, playing, etc.  (Lucy probably thinks I'm an over paranoid first time mom who needs to stop harassing her with one million questions.)  Lily did great and was a happy girl, though she did refuse to take one single nap (I will admit, it's kinda nice that someone else had to deal with the grouchy, tired baby for one day..ha!). 

To put my anxiety as ease, this morning at drop-off, Lily took one look at Lucy and gave her a HUGE smile and giggle, and then proceeded to reach out and pat her face.  The kid could have cared less that I was leaving her again today.  My little traitor is gonna be just fine at daycare.     

[Sob, sob, snivel, ugly cry, sob.  My baby doesn't need me!]


Mallory said...

I miss her sooo much! You going back to work means I don't get to see her much either. :) I wanted to go pick her up from daycare today. It's probably a good thing I don't know where Lucy lives...

Kara said...

You are doing a marvelous job Lindsay!!! And Lily - you are getting an A+ too. Thanks for making it "easier" on your Mommy & Daddy!