Saturday, September 19, 2009

What did you say?

Ryan just about lost his life last night.

He was finishing up Lily’s bath and drying her off with a towel, when he made the comment “oh cute, that’s just like your mom”. I glanced over and saw him looking at her fat rolls and cellulite thighs and butt.

And I just about killed him. He did not just say that I have chubby wrinkly thighs and a large dimply butt. No way. He did not. OMG, I’m gonna hurt that man.

Not exactly what a gal wants to hear her husband say. Let alone someone three months postpartum.

So, I did the only thing a mature woman could do in this situation. I glared at him and called him a jerk. Then I started storming out of the room.

Until he looked at me like I was crazy and tried to figure out why I was so furious….he said he was referring to the little blond hairs on her legs.

Maybe I’m a little sensitive?

Whatever….I’m not buying it.



MJS said...

Well, I always defend Ryan! You have always been perfect in my eyes - since you were maybe 15... (and still riding a banana-seat bike, with your knees higher than the handle bars, across the dam to visit my always "sassy" oldest daugther.) But, really Ryan.... you really need to learn NOW never to comment on the back side of ANY female in this family....EVER AGAIN!!!!

Michael Huebner said...

Ryan, I feel your pain. . . I mean, such things would never happen in our house. . .