Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bye bye baby.

Ryan and I went out of town last weekend with some good friends (detailed post to come shortly). It was our very first night, let alone weekend, away from our little lady.  To be honest, I was feeling the “mom guilt” prior to leaving because I wasn’t that worried or nervous about ditching her for a few days.  Maybe it was because my mom was watching her.  Maybe it was because I was so excited for a few days alone with Ryan.  Or maybe it was because I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get myself and Lily ready, and didn’t have too much time to consider.

We left Thursday afternoon and came home Sunday evening.  Three full days.  Without my baby.  For the first time ever.  Yep, it hit me Friday morning.  When I woke up early, laying in bed, waiting to hear Lily talking in her crib, only to realize a few minutes later, that wait a minute, I’m not home, she’s not here, I won’t be hearing her….oh saaaaddd.  So I did what any gal would do…call her mama.  To be reassured that Lily was just fine, didn’t miss me one bit, slept well last night, and was one happy girl.  

After that phone call, I felt much better and enjoyed the rest of my weekend without worry about Lily once.  Ok fine, that’s a lie…I called home at least twice a day, texted numerous times, and talked about Lily to Ryan and our friends way too often. 

But once I received this picture on my blackberry, my heart melted at that little smile, and I knew….Lily was having a great time at home, and I needed to focus on enjoying myself with my husband.  


We had a great weekend.  It was fantastic to just be a wife and a friend without the added role of mother. It was amazing to sleep in.  It was relaxing to have a cocktail and not worry that you were responsible for another human being, so you’d better stop at one.   And it was a blast to shop, walk around, eat dinner, without worrying about the next diaper change, feeding, naptime.

But the moment we woke up Sunday morning, all we could talk about was Lily, how much longer until we got to see her and what we thought her reaction would be when we got home.  We were not disappointed….we were greeted with a huge smile and two little arms reaching out for hugs and kisses all around!  I sure did miss my baby and wouldn’t trade being her mother for anything in the world.  And I think she missed me a little bit too!


Jas said...

ah........lindsay this is a great post!!

Kara said...

Oh, what sweet words! Awesome post Lindsay!
I'm so glad you and Ryan had a great time. Remembering that God commands us to FIRST be a wife and then be a mother is sometimes hard to remember and follow through on but it's so important!!!!