Friday, November 20, 2009


These days Lily is really working hard on her hand/eye coordination and has a few favorites toys to help her out. 

Exersaucer.  She pushes the buttons, turns the knobs, talks to the cute baby in the mirror, pull on the cloth dragon, and tries to suck on all the tags.  Plus she also loves to sit in here and scream at the top of her lungs.  Sometimes it sounds like she is very anger, other times like she is laughing at the most hilarious joke.  She loves to practice her voice!


Hands.  She can entertain herself for quite a while putting her hands in the air, turning them over, waving them back and forth, just staring and learning what in the world these crazy appendages can do.

Feet.  Man, I wish I was as flexible as a baby.  She pulls her feet up and into her mouth, and then sucks on her toes.  Socks do not stand a chance with this kid.  She pulls them off within minutes of putting them on.  Miss Lucy at daycare loves when I get too lazy to change Lily out of her footie PJs because it means Lucy isn’t chasing lost socks all day long.


Pacifier.  She pulls it out of her mouth, turns it over, and chews on the hard plastic. Then she throws it hard onto the ground, and watches the dogs run over hoping its food.  Of course, she then stares at mom or dad, expectantly waiting for it to be handed back to her. Brat.

Rattles.  She quickly figured out the noises her rattles make when she waives it back and forth.  And what fun it is to bang it on anything within reach….the table, mom’s head, the dogs, etc. 

Vibrating teether. Oh how wrong is this? I bought her one after reading this blog post.  Ryan and I crack up every time we here it start to buzz.  Oh dear, I’m giggling like a middle schooler right now just thinking about it.

I swear Lily learns something new every single day and it has been a blast watching her explore her little world. 


The Frazee's said...

if she loves tags you need to check out "taggies" she will love them!!

Kara said...

Oh, a vibrating grape vine! That's so funny!
Where did you find the grapes??
That's one hip high chair. I love it!

katieharris said...

ooh is it already teething time!?!! I hope lily finds comfort with her vibrator. and i mean that in the most innocent/non-dirty way possible :) I love that she always looks so surprised in the photos. And once again, I wish we lived closer. I would gladly let her hit me with a rattle. Over and over and over and over....again. Hugs & Kisses!

Lindsay said...

Gina, thanks for the suggestion...I looked up the 'taggies' brand on Amazon and now have some great ideas for Christmas! Kara, I found the grapes at Target. And finally Katie, WE MISS YOU!