Monday, November 9, 2009

While the rents are away….

Lily speaking here.  My parents ditched me for the first time in my short life for a long weekend away and boy was I one happy girl to have a little time to myself.  Nanny came to hang out and entertain me for a few days, and we two girls kept very busy.  We did lots of fun things before my parents came home and made me get back into my normal boring routine.

I went on long walks and enjoyed window shopping in this beautiful fall weather.

100_1364 100_1365

I watched my cousin Darby’s basketball game and had a blast playing with Uncle John and all the boys. 

 100_1357  100_1359

Nanny and I cheered loudly while the Wildcats BEAT the Jayhawks…whoaa, go Cats! 

I shopped for groceries and helped make  some yummy food for Nanny (and leftovers for Mom and Dad when they get home)!


And I spent lots of time with Nanny’s good friend Ellen.  We played at her house, went out to eat numerous times, and got some quality cuddle time in!  Sometimes I got confused because Ellen sure looks a lot like my Nanny!

100_1380 100_1379

What a special weekend. I loved spending so much time with Nanny and will miss her once my parents come home.  But for now I’m completely exhausted from all my activities.  Naptime!


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Mallory said...

I think she's the cutest thing I've ever seen. And her eyes match Mom's (nanny's) exactly!