Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best baby gear

I love food.  And I love eating out.  If I could pick one thing I could do every day, it might be trying a new restaurant.  Whenever we have a date night, Ryan comes up with all kinds of fun ideas – a movie, an activity, a coffee, etc.  I always push for dinner out.  And normally win. 

I’m teaching my daughter to love it as well.  We drag her just about anywhere and she’s been to quite a few traditionally ‘adult’ restaurants (I apologize to all other patrons, but I can’t help myself.  Date nights are too few and far between, plus we just love having Lily with us!).

So in order for these dining experiences to be successful, we’ve been utilizing two of the best baby products ever created.  First is this booster seat/activity center.  Lily loves the toys on top and it keeps her entertained for quite awhile.  Then the toys pop off to showcase a flat tray which we can feed her little bites of our food (or Ryan’s, I am not a very good sharer).


Second, is the Boon baby food dispensing spoon.  It’s genius.  Squeeze the rubber bulb and get the perfect amount of baby food, no mess and easy on the go.  I’m telling you, if you need a baby gift and want to be the most popular person at your next baby shower, this is the gift!  Love it!



MJS said...

I believe Santa gave this to Lily in her stocking. Santa gets his recommendations from a wonderful Nanny (Morgan) in Boston.

The Frazee's said...

wow, i cant believe it--three boys later and i've never seen either one of these.

Annie said...

ahhh love the chair! sutton has the same one! total lifesaver!!!! I have never heard of that spoon!! what a fantastic idea! I will definitely remember that one for next time!!!