Sunday, February 14, 2010


The past few weeks have been a bit crazy…I changed jobs the first of January which led to Lily switching daycare due to logistics; Ryan traveled out of town and has been extra busy with work; our household has been fighting colds and the flu; etc.  So I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled, weary, and a little ‘off’ lately.  My normal de-stresser is a good long run; however as we all know, this winter has been brutally cold and snowy which has kept me from much running at all. 

Of course, I (possibly overeagerly) signed up for a race at the end of March, realizing I had a very small window of time to increase my miles and get into shape.  This past week, I was sidelined with the flu which put me ever further behind.  So I woke up today, feeling great, and knowing that I really needed to put in a few miles to get back on track.  However, it was 19 degrees with a 7 degree windchill, Lily was being cute and cuddly, and Ryan promised me a Valentine’s breakfast (as a side note, oh boy have our lives changed…we used to enjoy a fancy dinner out with a bottle of good wine for Valentines, now I’m just as excited for an early morning breakfast with a huge pot of coffee!)….so I was easily talked out of a run.

But all morning and early afternoon, I was just itching to get outside.  Despite the frigid temperatures.  Despite an overly full stomach (darn that chocolate muffin).  So when Lily and then Ryan laid down for a nap, I headed on my way, all bundled up and dreading the wind and the snow.

And I had the BEST run.  I haven’t ran by myself in a long time and though I love running with the girls, I forgot how much I enjoy an hour of quiet time to think, reflect, or completely clear my mind, blank out and listen to music.  While I was out, the snow picked up to an almost white out and I felt all alone in the world.  Just me, my shoes, the cement, and a snowy cold afternoon.   I felt such joy, such pure energy.  I felt myself re-center and my mind clear.  I came home relaxed, a huge smile on my face, ready for a hot shower and a cuddle from my two favorite Valentines. 


Kara said...

You are such a good writer Lindsay!
Congrats on your new job!

Annie said...

isn't it the best! I went for a long run Sat in the BIZARRE snow in Dallas and it was awesome- I love cold runs and then hot showers! The best!!!!! What a sweet huz Ryan is for the Valentine breakfast!!! yum!