Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A couple of bachelorette’s

Ryan was out of town last week.  In Miami.  In a fancy hotel overlooking the beach.  For “work.”  Yes, I almost hung up on him when he called from a cocktail reception.  Poolside.  Enjoying an evening outside in 70 degree weather.

But I digress. 

Lily and I enjoyed a few days of bachelorette-hood. This was my first time acting as a “single mom” for more than one evening.  And can I just say, I am SO FLIPPING THANKFUL I have such a great husband and partner in this parenting thing.  I didn’t realize how much Ryan actually does until he was gone (terrible, but isn’t that always the case?!?!). 

On a typical morning, I get Lily once she wakes up, change her diaper, and get her dressed.  Then Ryan takes over, gives her a bottle, makes sure she is entertained while we finish getting ready for work, and he then lugs her off to daycare.  After work, I pick her up, come home and feed her cereal and veggies, and we play until Ryan gets home.  He then plays with her while I start dinner, gives her a bath, and then we trade off giving her a bottle.  Once she’s finished eating, I take her upstairs to read a few books, sing a few songs, and put her to bed.  We both know our roles and are a well-oiled machine.

Oh man, being a “single mom” is tough!  Having to be the sole caretaker of Lily these past few days has been exhausting! And I’m not too proud to admit, it’s been harder than I imagined.  Let’s just say, my little miss may have gone to bed a little earlier than normal, and I may or may not have enjoyed a glass of wine and a girlie movie in order to relax and reward myself.

On the other hand, I’m so happy I’ve had this opportunity.  For one, it’s pretty special to have one on one time with my sweet girl.  For another, I’ve enjoyed some much missed alone time after she’d gone to bed.  But most importantly, I have a new appreciation for Ryan and what an amazing father he really is.  I am one lucky wife! 

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Kara said...

Ahhh- that's sweet!
Yes, we are lucky girls to have husbands that help out so much!!! I don't think that's the case for everyone out there! It's sad that it does take their absence to recognize it but that's human nature I think!