Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A day in pictures


Two chompers!


Working on crawling.  I’m up on my hands and knees and getting way too fast for comfort!


Cheering Mommy on – I’m a very good clapper!


Chowing down on bananas and avocados. I love bananas.  Avocados, not so much. 


Such a ham – I love to be the center of attention. 


Kara said...

Oh, that last picture is one of my favorites! That head tilt and smile is perfect!

katieharris said...

OHMYGOSH i LOVE that picture of Lily eating. I also secretly hope she has the same expression someday in her senior pictures (ok, maybe not, for her sake). Still, she's just 1,000,000% adorable. I also like that she's still doing the cutesy tongue thing. Melts my heart.