Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas morning

Christmas traditions continue once everyone is awake. Santa fills our stockings with sweet little trinkets and candy, and brings each child a gift. We spend the next half an hour or so going through our stockings, drinking coffee and snacking on Mema's tea rings.

Did Santa come? I'm so excited!

He did!!!! He came and filled my stocking!
(Mema made each person a matching stocking when they were born/entered the family)

Santa brought me a stroller. I love it!! I also love stealing 'da boyz' toys!

After settling into our seats, we take turns opening one gift at a time, oohing and ahhing over each present. This process can take hours so halfway through we take a break for Bloody Mary's. My grandfather, Bobby, started this tradition years ago. Though he is no longer with us, I always think of him and his boisterous laugh when handed my beverage.

All mine!

Lily was a typical one year old. Upon opening this 'my first purse' full of goodies like lipstick, wallet, cell phone, and sunglasses, she was completely over opening gifts and just wanted to play with her new toy. Ryan ended up opening the rest of her presents while Lily forced Reece to play with her!

Reece was SUCH a sweet guy, allowing Lily to pull him all over the house, boss him around, and being forced to try on her sunglasses over and over.

Thanks for an amazing Christmas morning. I have such great memories from my childhood, but it's so much more special sharing these traditions with my own baby!

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