Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday morning surprises

After a good night's sleep, Lily woke up to a few awesome surprises on Friday morning.

First, while eating breakfast, Auntie M popped around the corner (she had flown in late Thursday night to spend the weekend with us!). Lily yelled out "Auntie" and was the happiest niece ever.

A few minutes later, Daddy rolled out of bed and joined the party. He took Friday off so that I could spend some extra time with my sister. Seriously, the day couldn't have gotten much better...two of her favorite people home with her!

Lily couldn't stop smiling all morning.

But life continued to get better and better when we took off for a walk to the park!

Heading up the play-set to show off all her favorite things.

I love the slides!

Daddy, I don't need your help, I'm a big girl!

Weeeee! Hehe, that hair is awesome.

We had a fun filled weekend with Auntie! More adventures to come!

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