Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quality Time

Friday afternoon, Auntie and I headed out for a girls day. Which of course included shopping....we spent a few hours at IKEA and Trader Joe's. After our full afternoon together, Auntie got to spend some quality time with Lily.

One of her favorite things was to show Auntie 'Patty Cake' using her baby.

I am so thankful for Auntie M. I seriously don't know what I would do without her - there is just a special connection between sisters, I think. A built-in best friend (sorry sis, you can't leave me, I'm family) who knows all your idiosyncrasies and has no hesitation calling you out on them. With a sister, you learn more about yourself, your faults, but also your strengths. Because you can see part of yourself and your upbringing in your siblings...good, bad and evil. I miss a ton of people from home....but my sister is one of a few people it physically hurts not to have nearby. I'm so thankful Auntie got to spend some quality time with Lily, but selfishly more happy that she got to spend some quality time with me!

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