Monday, January 10, 2011

First hike

We took Lily out for her first hike on a little trail a few minutes from our house. In total, it's a 4.5 mile loop though we only went up a mile and back down. I'm looking forward to running it soon and seeing what I think of trail running!

Getting ready. Hydration is key in the desert :)

Half way to our turnaround. Lily had a blast watching all the people and puppies on the trail (it was busy!)

The stroller did well even though it wasn't exactly a smooth ride.
Ryan had himself a pretty intense workout.

To the right of the closer hill is our neighborhood.

One amazing advantage of living in Arizona...60 degree days in January. And NO SNOW. Hope everyone back home is cuddled up to a warm fire enjoying the weather. Wish you all were here!

1 comment:

Kara said...

A hot hike in January! Only in AZ! Glad you enjoyed.
This snow is beautiful and so much fun for the kids to play in! Wish I could send you some in a box for Lily to play with!