Thursday, January 20, 2011


Saturday morning, we splurged on a babysitter for Lily and headed out to hike Camelback Mountain, specifically the Cholla Trail. This was Ryan and I's first real hike since the move.

We weren't sure what to expect, and really enjoyed ourselves on this popular tourist destination. However, the last third of the hike had more boulder climbing through steep rocks with severe dropoffs than a nice, easy trail walk. I knew that the older I get, the more fearful of heights I've become, but this definitely made my heart race more than a few times and there was no looking over the edge for me!

the trailhead

approximately 1/2 way, with views looking south

2/3's of the way

that's the top...the end is in sight!

We made it in a little over an hour

The views were breathtaking, and well worth the effort.

Now we have to make it all the way back down! Thank goodness there was promise of a tasty meal and possibly a beer afterwards.

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