Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day in the life...

Sneak peak at a series of emails sent to Ryan...

OMG, I am cracking up. She somehow bit a hole in her paci and keeps looking at it trying to figure out what's wrong. Finally she said "MOMMY, IT'S.......IT'S.......PACI.......IT'S......UHHH.......IT'S BROKEN!" I said, yup, it's broken, and she then threw it on the floor. I'm thinking maybe we should go with this and cut a tiny hole in all her paci's? Guess I'll see how today goes with just this one "broken" paci.

Oh boy, we are in TROUBLE!

We are upstairs playing and she keeps putting on her dress up clothes. She just got the whole outfit on again, was spinning with her hands above her head, and said "Mommy, look, I'm a princess!"

This girl rocks. :)

Seriously, she is on a roll today. She was throwing a HUGE fit when I put her down for a nap - I mean, totally hyper ventilating, sobbing, screaming for 15 minutes after I went downstairs. Probably my fault, I let her get too tired and made her eat when we got home instead of going straight to bed. Plus her paci is still 'broken'.

So I let her come back downstairs to sit with me and watch one show. Just a moment ago, she looked over and said "Mommy, I feel better. Thank you."

Seriously? Who is this kid!!! She is such a mixture of both of us - a severe drama queen and a complete kiss up.

Nap number 1 with 'broken' paci....took over 30 mins to go to sleep, but I think she is finally there. We will see how long this lasts!

What time is too early to crack open a bottle of wine? It's been a long two hours :)

Broken paci = 1, Mommy = 0. One hour nap and a grouchy little girl. She asked for Dora and I obliged...picking my battles today and paci is winning!!!

Where the he(double hockey sticks) are you? Get home now!!!

(ok, fine, I didn't really send that last email. But many of nights, I've seriously considered it)

Typical day for a stay at home mom, wouldn't you say?

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Annie said...

Totally typical!!!! Ha! That sounds about like my day yesterday but instead of a broken paci I felt like the paci b$#*h- putting fallen pacis back in screaming babies mouths! Wish you lived next door- we could enjoy our wine together!!!