Friday, April 15, 2011


Weekly happenings via snapshots from my cell phone

Phoenix has a very fun, interactive Children's Museum.
Lily's favorite room was the 'grocery store' where she had a blast scooping and sorting beans onto the scale. And dumping them on the floor. Oops.

We've been enjoying some beautiful weather, so decided to walk to our local restaurant to sit outside and sip on a beer. Lily would not ride in her stroller, but wanted her pink car and our neighbor's helmet. We were a little embarrassed we let her wear a KSU t-shirt that day!

Still obsessed with ketchup.

Ryan wonders why I like a glass of wine at night...
(am I a bad mama who snaps a pic instead of just ignoring her tantrum?)

98 degrees in early April. It actually was over a 100 last week.
Not sure I'm ready for the heat yet.
This girl cracks me up

One morning, Lily and I went on a date to Starbucks.
Once she figured out where we were going, she yelled "Mommy, Lily is happy!"
Addicted, just like her parents.

I went to a mom's night out with a local playgroup, and won a door prize.
A potty for Lily. I was excited.
Ya, life has changed.

Have a great weekend!

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