Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend was the first major holiday away from our extended family. So we had fun creating a few new traditions for our little family. On Saturday, we walked down to our local grocery store which was hosting a small Easter Egg Hunt, with a surprise appearance from a special bunny.

We've learned how to 'smile' on demand. Hence the cheesy grin.

"what the heck are we doing here?"

"and who the heck is that??"

The Easter Bunny!
Not a huge fan, but at least she didn't scream and cry like when we saw Santa.

Heading out in search of eggs.
She kept repeating "I look for eggs. I look for eggs."

She only found one during the actual hunt and was perfectly content with that.
But at the end, she yelled "I see more eggs Daddy, I see more eggs!"
Though she didn't quite understand why she couldn't put these in her basket.

That darn Easter Bunny popped around the corner again.

The best part...CANDY! Not sure who was more excited for the jelly beans...Lily or Daddy!

Next up, the Easter Bunny visited Lily at home!

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