Friday, April 22, 2011

Wedding day

My big brother tied the knot and I couldn't be happier for him. Growing up, Matt was always on the lookout for me - sharing his Tonka trucks by throwing them into my play n pack, letting me tag along with his buddies as long as I brought my green and brown eye shadow (camouflage of course!), or threatening Ryan if he didn't treat me right. I know he will take even better care of Kristin and their family. As for Kristin, I just could not imagine a more perfect match for Matt - she is calm, witty, patient, understanding, kind. And selfishly, I love her too and am so excited to have another strong woman in the family! :) Cheers, Matt and Kristin, to a happy life together!

Seriously Lily, it's NOT your party!!
This girl LOVES to dance. Too bad she inherited her mother's moves instead of her father's.


MJS said...

Maybe you will be in a few of the professional pictures. Isn't it grand to be the invisible mother!

Lindsay said...

Seriously. Not a single picture of me on the wedding day.

Leslie Scoby said...

I finally looked at your blog- I am not in the habit of checking these fun blogs as often as I should! Anyway, was so glad to see wedding pictures. As Scoby said, "that Matt hit the jackpot with her!!" Translation- he thinks Kristin is beautiful! And she is! We think Kristin is pretty lucky to get a guy like Matt, too!! So happy for the newlyweds! Looks like a fun time together on the beach! Leslie