Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday recap, part 1

Auntie M and Casey joined us Memorial weekend.
To help celebrate Lily's second birthday.
We pretty much spent our time eating.
With a few breaks to hit the splash parks and pool.

Another highlight of the weekend (for Lily, at least) was opening presents!
A new kitchen with pots and pans just her size.
A water table to beat the hot Arizona summers.
And lots of fun, new bath toys.
We had a good laugh at the amount of technology needed to record the event.
Camera, video, cell phones, and of course Skype with Nanny back home.

We had such a fun weekend with Auntie and Casey.
Thank you for celebrating Lily's special day with us!

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Mary Jo said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Glad you had some extended family there to help celebrate!