Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday recap, part 2

Lily and I spent her actual birthday together.
Just the two of us. Doing all her favorite things.
Including Starbucks - chocolate milk and a donut.
Seriously addicted.

After work, Daddy brought home a balloon.
That sings "Wild Thing" when you hit it.
She absolutely loves it.
Thanks a lot honey.

We then enjoyed ice cream cake.
I had talked to Lily earlier in the day about blowing out candles.
She just looked at me like I was a crazy woman.
But when we lit her birthday candles, girlfriend knew exactly what to do.

Daddy, you'd better get away from my frosting!

Happy birthday, baby. We love you more than words!

1 comment:

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Looks like you had a great and very special birthday!