Friday, June 17, 2011

Family day trip

Last weekend we took a little family day trip.

Lately, we have been traveling extensively.
Or having lots of awesome, fun weekend guests.
But now have a little time as a family to explore our new city.

(By the way, when do you think I will stop talking about our new city,
our new house, etc?
When does it actually start to 100% feel like home?)

We are in a lull between our own travels and visitors.
Seriously, what kind of crazy people want to visit Arizona in the summer?

(Can not wait to see you on Friday, Annie!!! )

(Hi Mom and Dad, see you the next week! :)

I bought a book on day trips from Phoenix.
With our free Sunday, we took advantage.
We headed about an hour and a half north of us.
When we left town, it was almost 100. When we arrived in Payson, it was 82.
What a relief!

We brought Lily's lunch and stopped at Ryan's former employer, Subway.
Yes, he was a sandwich artist back in the day.

First, we had an awesome outdoor picnic.
And Lily saw her first grasshopper.
She wasn't a fan and would not touch it.
No matter how much coaxing Daddy gave her.

This was a close as she got.

We then went on a little walk over the 'natural bridge'.
The largest natural travertine bridge in the world.
Such a treat to see pine trees instead of cactus.
Though Lily sitting on the rail over an almost 200 foot drop did not make this mama happy!

We then decided to take a hike to the bottom to see the bridge from below.
Despite all the warnings that this was an intense, serious, hard hike.
Lily said she could do it "all by myself!"
And, for the most part, she did!

Mommy and Daddy were more than proud of her stamina.
And stubbornness.

Because you know we fight over which sport she will excel at.
I say swimming and running.
He says basketball and lacrosse (full ride to Ivy League education, ha!)
I'm sure she will hate sports and decide on something equally wonderful.
Like opera singing. Just because we know nothing about it!

Sorry, I digress. Back to our hike.

I did carry her a bit on the steep parts.
We need to invest in one of those cool hiking backpacks.
Anyone have a suggestion or advice?

At the bottom, we stopped for a rock throwing lesson.
Daddy decided our girl has a great arm.
Maybe a softball player?

Above is a small waterfall from a little stream.
Water, no matter how small, is an awesome sight after months in the desert.

The hike back up, Lily once again said "I do it myself".
And she did.
Except Daddy picked her up for the steep steps and ran.
Which she thought was hilarious.
He almost had a heart attack.

We loved our little adventure outside the city.
And into cooler temperatures.
We are already planning our next weekend getaway, so stayed tuned!


Mallory Saylor said...

Lily needs some hiking boots, mama!

Bryn said...

I vote softball! :)

Annie said...

woo hooo!!!! Can't wait to come see yall!!!! My three littles are not happy they can join in the trip but I told the twinsies that once they can feed themselves- they can get out of the house! ha!!!