Wednesday, August 1, 2012

39.5 or 40 weeks?

A few thoughts:
~I was 4cm dilated at Monday's appointment.  Seriously?  Who walks around at 4cm, not in active labor??  Come on baby boy, the anticipation is killing me!!
~My OB is on vacation, and according to the nurse practitioner, my due date is actually August 2nd.  Whatever, sounds good to me, just get this baby boy moving sooner than later.  
~Nanny has arrived, and while I feel a little guilty that she is sitting around waiting for baby boy to arrive, I can't tell you what a relief it has been for me.  I am exhausted by noon each day, so to have an extra set of hands play with Lily, run errands, etc has been awesome!
~The past few days, Lily has been asking to be a 'baby'.  She wants to be wrapped up in a baby blanket and rocked.  I'm sure she senses some major changes coming her way very soon, and is acting out accordingly.  But I love that she is spending a little extra time being calm and cuddling with me!  

This is the best shot we could get of Lily today.  
She was NOT in the mood for photos!  
Ha, love that girl and her strong personality!


Jas said...

cant wait to hear the news!!

Tuuli said...

Well, you cannot just get 1cm extra dilated every week for many more weeks...he'll fall out. ;) I think tomorrow Friday is the day, perfect just before the weekend! Lots of love to you all!!

mary jo said...

thinking about you and can't wait to hear about that baby boy! good luck lindsay!!