Monday, August 27, 2012

Two weeks

August 24, 2012
Weight - 8lb 4oz
newborn photos taken at nine days old

~ William continues to sleep well at night, but still does not like his crib.  The past few nights, we boycotted the swing and he woke up every three to four hours.  He mostly wants to snuggle for a few minutes (and have his pants changed) plus a quick snack.
~Lily loves being a big sister and is so sweet to her brother.  She sings to him when she thinks he is sad, and tries so hard to help feed him, change him, etc.  He went to her school for the first time on Friday and she loved introducing everyone to 'my baby, William Thomas.' 
~Will is one serious cuddler.  Lily was an independent gal even as a newborn - she always wanted to be put down and would never fall asleep while we were holding her.  Will is 100% the opposite.  Most of the time, I love all the snuggling but after an entire afternoon of holding him, I wish he would entertain himself for just a few minutes.  
~Best quote from Lily this week "Mama, your tummy is still really you have another baby in there?"  And I was feeling really good about myself postpartum.  Thanks a lot kiddo!

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Rachel said...

Congratulations Lindsay and Ryan! Beautiful pics!