Monday, August 13, 2012

Birth story

Baby George was (finally) born at 41 weeks.  As we are discovering, this is very much his personality...takes after his father as one laid back dude.  

After my 40 week appointment, I was dilated to 5cm and went home with assurance from my doctor that I'd go into labor any moment.  We scheduled an induction for later that week, just in case.  We were on the hospital's medical induction list for Thursday, August 9th which meant we would be called in any time within that 24 hour period.  After checking Thursday morning with the admitting desk and hearing they were completely full and might not get to us until the following day, we headed out with Lily to kill some time.  

We ended up playing for a few hours at Pump It Up.  Ryan and Lily both had a blast and it took my mind off the fact that we would be meeting our boy very soon, hopefully later that day!

After lunch, we were getting a little stir crazy, so Ryan decided to rent a movie.  I joked that the moment he bought and started it, we would get the phone call to head to the hospital.  I was right!

last pregnancy photo!
We arrived at the hospital around 2pm, and were assured by both our nurse and doctor that this would be a super fast induction and delivery.  Par for the course with laid back baby George, we were once again wrong!  He wasn't quite ready to move out of his mama's house.  I'm hoping this isn't foresight into 18 years from now!  Twelve hours later at 2:36am, he finally joined the world.  

The first thing that came out of my mouth when the nurse handed him to me was "he's huge!"  At 8lb 5.5 oz, he was almost a pound heavier than Lily, and over an inch longer at 21.5 inches.  We were immediately in love with our son!

bright lights!
where the heck am I?
big boy!
so you're the one kicking me all these months
proud Daddy

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