Thursday, August 16, 2012

First visitors

William's first visitors arrived early Friday morning!

We have been extremely lucky to have Nanny with us these past few weeks.
While we had lots of "sitting around waiting for baby" moments, her help entertaining Lily while I was exhausted, and the relief that if I went into labor she would be here to take care of Lily, has been just amazing!  Thank you Nanny!!

Big sister was so excited to meet her brother.
She is very proud of him!
While we still call him George at times, she mostly refers to him as "my baby."

We had another special visitor this weekend.
Auntie M arrived and spent lots of time cuddling baby William and chasing a crazy toddler around.
She was here only a few short days and I miss her already!

Big sister was once again thrilled with her brother!

My three favorite gals...

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Kara said...

Congrats Lindsay and Ryan!
He's so cute!
I'm sure Lily is loving her new role!