Sunday, August 19, 2012

One week

August 17, 2012
Weight - 7 lb, 12 oz. 33 percentile
Length - 21 1/2 inches. 90 percentile
Head - 35 1/2 cm, 31 percentile

A few thoughts:
~Did William grow an inch and a half in one week?  This measurement seems much more accurate as he has a very similar body type as Lily - skinny, long legs and not at all chubby.  He is one tall boy and barely fits into newborn clothing!
~Percentiles are almost exactly the same as Lily - we have long, lean babies in this house.
Auntie with her niece and nephew
~Thus far, we have another good sleeper/eater on our hands.  He has been giving me a big chunk of sleep each night - anywhere between four and six hours.  Keep it up buddy!
~However, he isn't a huge fan of the crib, so he often sleeps in his swing.  I don't even turn it on, I think he just likes the tighter quarters and feels overwhelmed by the crib. 
~He loves to snuggle and be held!  He continues to be a very laid back and easy going baby.  However, he isn't a huge fan of baths yet and yells at Daddy to hurry up!
clean kiddos after their evening bath
~We love William Thomas so very much and can not imagine our life without him!

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Michael Huebner said...

The Huebners may have to defriend the Osterhauses, because its not appropriate how much the O's sleep at an early age..