Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Activities of a 5 week old.

New trick…ouch! Might be pulling back my hair from now on!


Play time



I’m supposed to be napping…


My dad gives the BEST baths.


Just this morning, we saw Miss Lily’s smile.  While there have been a few moments where we are pretty sure she was smiling (and not just relieving herself :), this was different.  The little kiddo is one happy girl in the mornings, especially when Ryan plays and talks with her.  And today she was giving him these huge smiles over and over again….except whenever I walked over to see…then she immediately stopped and decided she was hungry instead.  Joys of being the mom and having the ‘goods’, I suppose.  We’ll do our best to get pics or a video soon for her grandmothers to see!


Mallory said...

Yay! She has all day to practice this smiling thing and better have it down by tonight when her favorite Auntie M comes to babysit!

Annie said...

She is not napping because she loves her aquarium duh! The thing would put me to sleep but sutton would watch it forever! hahahah